capable of double evacuation and no-bottle-no-evacuation; fobbing pressure tracks filler speed; use of lubrication-free material to allow easy cleaning.
    filler & crowner both use rotary design and combined into a monobloc. main characteristics: equipped with high performance mechanical filling valve, capable of double evacuation and no-bottle-no-evacuation; high temperature and high pressure fobbing device, with fobbing pressure tracking filler speed; fully stainless steel magnetic hopper, with sorting, distribution and feeding of crown by magnetic force to avoid crown deformation during the process; crowning is reliable and capable of automatic deloading; crowning plunger uses open design. internal slide sleeve uses lubrication free material and is easy to clean; cantilever lift cylinder, sloped hygienic worktable guarantees machine cleanness and hygiene; centralized gas exhaust reduces environment pollution; centralized lubrication supply lubricants to different points at fixed time and fixed quantity as required; plc control, with machine operation status, main parameters and faults displayed and adjusted on touch panel; main drive can be mechanical or partial separated drive; machine can be designed as left-infeed-right-outfeed or right-infeed-left-outfeed as required.